Warwick Massage Therapist shares the benefits of her treatment

Take care of your body! As a massage therapist and business owner in Warwick, I’ll always hear how expensive it is to go and get a massage and that is why you do not regularly get one.

So I usually ask how they can put a price on their own health? Do not you know how incredibly effective and health-promoting massage really is? Just because you do not feel any problems today does not mean you do not have to take care of your body for the future.

So in this post I will cheer up all the amazing benefits you get with massage, then it’s up to you to evaluate whether these benefits are worth the price of the massage. If you determine the price of a massage, it’s about £1.50 – £2 a day for a month. That’s pretty much what a take-out coffee costs?

Effects on the muscles

So what benefits does having a regular massage provide?

  • Solves muscle tension in the muscles to make them more elastic and the risk of muscle cramps decreases.
  • Improves the metabolism of the muscles and provides a faster recovery. This because the circulation in the muscles increases as they relax. In this way, the muscles get a better oxygenation and that waste products are transported more efficiently.
  • Provides faster healing after injury. This is also thanks to better circulation.
  • Provides better mobility and posture because the muscles are more relaxed and moving.

Effects on the circulation system

With a high muscle tone (muscle tension), blood flow is impaired because the blood and lymph vessels are compressed. The muscles then do not get enough oxygen and nutrition while making them harder to transport off waste products. The waste products, in turn, cause more muscle tension, creating a vicious cycle.

This viscious cycle has proven to be the cause of many occupational injuries in several research results. As massage dissolves muscle tension, you break this bad cycle and replace it with a good cycle.

Effects on joints and skeletons

  • Provides increased nutrient flow to the bones which accelerates healing of fractures.
  • Increased production of synovial fluid that acts as the lubricant of the joints. Which increases the mobility of the joints.
  • When the muscles are relaxed and responsive, it reduces the risk of oblique stress on the skeleton, which prevents damage.

Effects on the nervous system

  • Inhibits the sympathetic nervous system while stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. This solves muscle tone as well as seems calming,relaxing, analgesic and stress-reducing.
  • Balances the nervous system.

Mental effects

  • Increased sense of well-being and harmony. Massage has also been shown to reduce mental problems and the trauma that can be manifested as muscle tension.
  • As muscle tension is released, the client can become more aware of emotional blockages and mental conflicts. This can lead to an increased self-awareness, while the released emotions lead to improved well-being.

Posture and breathing.

Other effects include:

  • Improved breathing as the muscles relax and oxygen and nutrition flow more freely in the body.
  • Calms anxious stomach and improves digestion with improved metabolism and nutritional uptake.
  • Strengthened immune system when slag products are transported away from the body.

I hope you found this article on the benefits on massage treatment useful, thanks for reading.

Here’s a video that also covers the benefits of regular massage:


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